I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for visiting my website! I am completely new to managing a website so please bear with me as I learn! I introduced myself a little bit in my About Rebecca section but I’d like to tell you a little bit more about myself and why I’ve started this website. I am currently in the process of publishing my second book! This is a very exciting time for me. I published my first young adult novel, My Perfect Little Secret, in 2014. While I have done some writing and journaling over the past 6 years, I took a pretty big break from writing professionally until a few months ago. As I go on this journey of getting daily devotional published, I wanted to have a place for my readers to visit to read my blog, find out the newest updates on my writing, and to allow readers to reach out to me!

My husband, Andrew, and I have been married since 2008. We have been together since 2003. In 2010, we had our daughter, Gabriella Grace. In 2012, we added Mason Alan to the crew. Our little family of four is made complete by our 2 large dogs, Clara and Lucy. Although I was born in Rochester, Minnesota, my family moved to Kansas City soon after. My parents still live in my childhood house! I have 2 older brothers, 3 sister-in-laws, 1 brother-in-law, 3 nephews, and 1 niece. Family is extremely important to me. I talk on the phone or see my mom every single day, and prior to COVID, my family would get together frequently for dinners and to hang out. I have been SO blessed by my family.

I am a full-time pediatric nurse practitioner at a private pediatric practice in the Kansas City area. I have been an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner for 8 years. Prior to going back to school at Rush University for my Master’s in Nursing, I was a registered nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit for 5 years at Children’s Mercy Hospital. I absolutely love taking care of children. It has been a passion of mine since I was very young.

In my spare time, I love to play with my kids, read, sew, craft, and do puzzles. Our family also loves to travel. We hope that once COVID is better, we will be able to start planning some more trips. My ultimate goal for traveling is to go to Greece and explore all the different cities and isles. Fingers crossed we will be able to make that happen in the next few years. I also love coffee, a nice glass of wine, and going on dates with my husband.

Sometimes You Just Need Your Mom

I was driving to work this morning when I was overcome with the sudden longing for my mom. I was watching the sun rise, seeing the brilliant colors of reds, pinks, and oranges, and for whatever reason, it made me want to hear my mom’s voice. It’s not like my mom is far away. She and my dad live 3 minutes from our house and she is always just a text or phone call away. I’m lucky in that regard. My mom is a huge part of my life, my family’s life. She is present in the big moments and the little ones. She’s who I call when my kids wake up sick and I still need to go to work. She’s the one I call when I have a parenting question, when I’m doubting myself, or just when I need an optimistic and happy voice to listen to. The thing is, even with having her be so close, during COVID, she has seemed so far away… Last spring, I went 5 months without a single touch or hug from my mom. We would have coffee together on my driveway, sitting at least 6 feet apart from each other. We would talk on the phone constantly. But even so, my heart ached for my mom. I missed her. When we did actually hug for the very first time, it was by accident. It was a gut instinct when we were saying goodbye to each other one afternoon. We just reached for each other, and before either of us realized what was happening, our arms were around each other. It made me cry. Smelling the scent of my mom for the first time in months made me break down. Never in my entire life have a yearned for someone’s presence and touch as badly as I have these past 11 months. At the end of November, my husband, my son, and I all tested positive for COVID. Quite honestly, given my husband’s and my profession, I’m surprised that we were able to go so many months without having contracted it. We were lucky. We felt pretty crappy but we stayed out of the hospital and all had full recoveries. The one positive of getting COVID was that, once I had recovered completely, I could give my mom a hug without worrying about getting her sick. I hate that my 3 months of antibodies is coming to an end. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to get the first COVID vaccine, so I’m hopeful that in a few weeks after my second vaccine, I’ll be able to keep hugging my mom. I think that no matter how old you get, you still want and need your mom. Maybe even more so than when you were a child.

New Year’s Resolutions

I know that I’m a little late to the game, being that today is January 6th, but I needed more time to ponder a New Year’s resolution. Every year, I come up with goals for myself that I want to accomplish during the year. And every year, by about the end of January, I have already forgotten them. Some examples of my prior New Year’s resolutions include exercising every day, drinking less soda, writing on a more regular basis, not yelling at my children. As of today, I am still working on all of these things. Yep. So this year I’m taking a different approach. I’m going to adopt a theme for this year. I thought of so many different ideas for this theme. Finding peace. Letting go. Pray. Health.

The one that I kept coming back to was “Just Breathe”. It’s such a basic concept of life; you can’t survive without breathing. So simple, yet so incredibly profound. Inhale, exhale. Repeat. I did a lot of focusing on just breathing this past year. 2020 was, for better lack of a phrase, a complete crap show. You name it, it happened. With every little change and bump in the road, I would remind myself to take a minute to stop what I was doing and just take a breath. It centered me. It brought me peace. Most of all, it gave me a moment to collect my thoughts and focus on what was important in life. It also helped me to remember my blessings in times where I was struggling to see them.

I guess that 2020 should have been the theme of “just breathe”. I did a lot of it. I think though, that my theme for 2020 quickly became “just survive”. Get through it. One day at a time. Sometimes just one moment at a time. I didn’t feel a lot of peace this year. I felt overwhelmed and emotionally drained. It was hectic, painful, scary, and just downright hard. I’m glad to say that 2020 is now in the past. I have no idea what 2021 has in store, but I’m hopeful that it is significantly better than 2020. Whatever may come this year, my mantra is “just breathe”. In and out. In and out.